How do I manage skin prone to eczema during the warm weather

  • by Petra Jelinkova
How do I manage skin prone to eczema during the warm weather

Managing skin that is prone to eczema during summer can be very difficult. Extreme warm weather and heat is a common trigger. Another reason why we find it more challenging during hot times is that we often can get carried away with summer activities and forget to maintain our skincare routine!

How does warm weather affect skin prone to eczema?

  • Warm weather can make your child sweat more as they try to regulate their body temperature. Sweat contains mainly water which takes all the moisture out of the skin, causing dryness and irritation. This environment attracts bacteria to live on and inflame the skin. Sweat also has a very small amount of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc which can also irritate and inflame the skin.
  • Children who have skin prone to eczema tend to hold the heat in their bodies more than children who don’t. Warm weather raises their body temperature and increases the temperature of their skin. Increased heat means the skin becomes more itchy. 
  • Certain sunscreens can also upset the skin. Find a natural sunscreen which is less likely to irritate your child’s skin.

How can I manage eczema in the heat?

It is important to understand how to avoid skin triggers for your child, especially during the warm weather.

When out, be prepared

Keep your regular moisturiser in your bag and remember to apply it to your child as often as you can throughout the day. This will work with the skin’s natural barrier to keep irritants such as bacteria away from the skin and prevent infection. After swimming rinse your child before you leave the beach or pool and apply your moisturiser straight after. Have your own sunscreen with you so you’re not tempted to borrow somebody else’s that might irritate your child’s skin. It’s also important to drink water regularly to keep the skin hydrated.

Stay out of the sun in the hottest part of the day

Try to plan your day so you are indoors during the warmest part of the day. Being inside means you are more able to control the temperature and also makes it easier to use cool compresses to take the heat out of your child’s skin if you need to.

Dress your child in loose fitting, cotton clothes

Loose fitting clothing is least likely to trap heat in body and allow your child to stay cool. Also, be sure to dress your child in 100% breathable cotton as it absorbs perspiration and is less irritating to the skin.

Stick to your regular eczema skin care routine

Making the time, even when on vacations, to keep to your regular skin care routine is key to keeping flare ups to a minimum and your child’s skin well managed. A basic daily skin care routine starts with a short, lukewarm bath to remove allergens and bacteria from the skin and add moisture into the skin using a hydrating bath soak. Follow this immediately by applying a thick moisturiser within two minutes of taking your child out of the bath.

This post was brought to you and your baby with love by Julia and the Itchy Baby Co. team. X

Disclaimer: Information provided is of a general nature only, and you should always consult your medical professional.

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