our natural ingredients

We develop our products using natural ingredients – in fact, our bath soaks only contain one, two or three ingredients.

All our products are free from added chemicals and do not contain sulphates, artificial colours or synthetic fragrance.

Simply the purest, quality ingredients that protect, nourish and soothe your baby’s delicate skin.


  • Natural oatmeal

    Oatmeal has been used for many years to relieve itchy, dry skin.

    Why is oatmeal so good for itchy and dry skin?

    Oats have natural properties which are proven to help relieve the symptoms of itchy, dry skin. These properties are soothing, protective, anti-itch and moisturising.

    If we look closer at oatmeal’s chemical structure, we can see more reasons for oatmeal’s effect on itchy, dry skin:

    Oatmeal contains many types of phenols, which have antioxidant and soothing activity.

    Oatmeal is packed full of starches and beta-glucans, so it can hold moisture and help the skin hold moisture too.

    Plus, the cellulose and fibre in oatmeal helps soften your baby’s skin.

    In addition, oatmeal is also made up of saponins which means it is a cleanser as well as a moisturiser. Bathing in oatmeal not only allows the skin to benefit from its moisturising, protective and soothing properties, but also washes away triggers and pollutants which can sit on the skin. That means you don’t have to use any other soaps or washes which might be drying on the skin.

    The oatmeal  we use is a particularly finely milled formulation which unlocks the natural properties of oats making them more accessible to the skin.

  • Coconut

    Coconut is well known for its soothing and moisturising properties.

    Coconut contains saturated fats which help the skin hold in hydration and keep moisture from escaping through the skin’s pores.

    The high levels of fatty acid, called capric, caprylic and lauric acid offer natural protection for your baby’s skin.

    Coconut is high in Vitamin E which helps nourish the skin through its antioxidant properties.

    We added organic coconut to our premium formula for natural oatmeal bath soak with goats milk & organic coconut.

    We’ve also used coconut oil to enrich our scalp oil and moisturiser.

  • Shea butter

    Shea butter is highly moisturising and hydrating, in part due to its high content of fatty acids which help the skin hold moisture.

    It’s rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E and F. These all help to keep the skin healthy as well as intensively moisturise.

    You’ll find shea butter in our moisturiser.

  • Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is found naturally in many of our ingredients, including coconut, shea butter and goats milk.

    We also added extra vitamin E to our natural oatmeal face mask with vitamin E and our oatmeal moisturiser with coconut oil. This is because vitamin E protects the natural oils within the skin, strengthening and nourishing the skin.

  • Marshmallow root powder

    Marshmallow isn’t just a confectionary, it actually comes from a highly potent root.

    Marshmallow root has a cooling, soothing effect on skin, and is known to help your baby’s skin stay soft. It also contains flavonoids which help soothe the skin.

    We added marshmallow root powder to our natural oatmeal bath soak with marshmallow root.

  • Beeswax

    Beeswax is loved by dry and sensitive skin conditions because of three main reasons:

    1. Like colloidal oatmeal, it forms a protective barrier to keep the skin safe from triggers in the environment, while also holding in moisture.

    2. Unlike petroleum based products, beeswax lets the skin breathe. This means it doesn’t keep in heat on the skin’s surface.

    3. Beeswax draws moisture into the skin, which helps to keep dry and itchy skin hydrated.

    You’ll find beeswax in our moisturiser.

  • Organic sunflower oil

    Sunflower oil helps to protect the skin’s barrier which helps the skin fight against dryness.

    By protecting the skin’s barrier we can lock moisture and hydration to help with dry skin.

  • Organic calendula flowers

    Calendula is another name for marigold flowers, and it has a wonderfully soothing effect on the skin.

    Calendula contains mucilage which softens the external skin and helps the internal mucous membranes of your baby’s skin.

    It’s high in carotenoids and flavonoids which keep the skin cells healthy.

  • Carnuba wax

    Carnuba wax comes from the carnauba palm found in Brazil. It’s known for its moisturising power, and its emollient properties which makes skin soft. It also creates a protective barrier on your baby’s skin to help it retain moisture.

    We use carnuba wax in our itchy baby co moisturiser.

  • Preservative system

    All skincare products have the potential to become contaminated with bacteria. We think keeping your baby’s skin safe from bacteria is more important than not using a preservative or using a natural preservative which often does not work as well. We choose to use Benzyl alcohol, Sodium dehydroacetate (EcoCert) to preserve our products which we test for protection against bacteria.